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Bed Bug Products

We carry KONK and DOKTOR DOOM Bed Bug Killer. Each uses natural, non synthetic insecticides called pyrethrins, that is a hard hitting insect killer but not harmful to humans or other mammals.

Konk Bed Bug Killer DOKTOR DOOM AirGuard Konk

These natural insecticides act in two ways.

  1. Contact Poison Attacks insects nervous systems. When exposed, flying insects drop almost instantly, known as the knock down effect
  2. Insects can detect pyrethrins which will make them flee or keep insects from entering areas with the pyrethrins present. This is also known as a flushing agent.

Both are safe for; Indoor human traffic areas,,hotels / motels, warehouses, restaurants, food
serving areas, food processing areas, other food establishments, dairies and animal quarters

Doktor Doom Bed Bug & Household Insect Blaster is a maximum strength household space and contact pest spray.

Konk Too Spray
Konk Automatic Sprays
DOKTOR DOOM Bed Bug Blaster
DOKTOR DOOM Sleep Tight Bed Bug Spray

We also offer a foam from Konk and DOKTOR for hornets, wasps and crawling insects

We offer this information to show our wide product range. Contact us and we'll be pleased to quote you on your product needs.