EcoSafe compostable bin liners at Bristol Sales

Compostable Bin Liners

EcoSafe® manufactures ASTM D6400 compliant, BPI certified compostable bin liners designed specifically for the industrial, commercial and institutional workplace. Our bin liners are strong, exceeding performance expectations every day in operations across North America.

Commercial users want bin liners that perform every time, are easy to use, and cost effective.

Waste Haulers want compostable bin liners that fit their carts and that they can trust to keep them clean day in and day out. Leaks and liner failure are not an option.

Composters want compostable bin liners that process properly in their systems leaving clean uncontaminated compost.

EcoSafe-6400® bin liners are designed to meet the needs of each of these stakeholders in the diversion chain.

ECOSAFE Compostable bin liners

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